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Blokes Day Out is on again for 2013

Posted Tuesday, 5 March 2013 in Health

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GMHBA is once again a proud sponsor of Blokes Day Out Geelong festival in 2013!

Now in its fourth year, the Blokes Day Out Festival continues to put a spotlight on male health and wellbeing awareness. The festival, to be held on Sunday 24 March at Eastern Beach Reserve on the Geelong waterfront, is a celebratory event for blokes and families featuring: entertainment, games, show bags, displays, information, health checks, food and more.

Simon Hogan is an ambassador for the Blokes Day Out festival. “I’m looking forward to the Blokes Day Out and sharing my experiences with others down at Eastern Beach,” he said.

Having played 22 games with the Geelong Football Club, the value of physical health and fitness was certainly at the forefront of his life. But for Simon it was another aspect of health which came into the spotlight; for two years he battled severe depression.

In early 2012 he revealed his struggle with depression. “For me, I went downward pretty quickly,” he said. “I needed some pretty radical intervention and luckily I got in touch with some good psychologists and got on the right medication, which was right for me. If I hadn’t spoken up, who knows what might have happened.”

Speaking in the lead-up to the 2013 Blokes Day Festival, Simon stressed the event “is about getting males to talk about the issues they are facing.” “There is help out there but it requires bravery and acceptance that seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness,” he added.

The event recognises that male lives are impacted by a range of factors that can directly influence their health and wellbeing. Whether a person has a job, a roof over their head, access to transport, are in healthy relationships, whether they live in the city or a rural area, their cultural background, education levels and many others are critical in determining their health outcomes.

Blokes Day Out coordinator Peter Kelly, who works as a health promotion officer for Barwon Health, said the event celebrates what it is to be a male and strives to take a strengths-based approach to men’s health, where boys and men recognise the links they have to their families, friends and local community. With this in mind, the festival incorporates a huge range of local services, organisations, businesses and groups which will be united in delivering a free fun day out for boys, men, their friends and families from across the region.

Come on down and be a part of this year’s Blokes Day Out on Sunday 24th March 10am – 3pm!

For more information on Blokes Day Out, visit the Barwon Health website: www.barwonhealth.org.au or contact Peter Kelly on 4215 3470. You can also join the conversation on Twitter at twitter.com/BlokesDayOut or Facebook www.facebook.com/BlokesDayOut.

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